The Metso VERIMILL ® lime slaker is rightfully earning the reputation as the best approach to ball mill slaking in the industry. Robust, mining duty design and construction, the VERTIMILL ® is the right choice when your application requires grit to be ground and retained in the lime slurry, rather than being screened, collected, and disposed of.

Watch the VERTIMILL® in action

The Benefits

  • Superior lime slaker
  • Temperature sensor in the heart of the slaking zone for precise temperature control
  • Ultra-fine, highly reactive product
  • No grit removal required
  • Simple one-step operation
  • Large capacity
  • High retention time
  • Minimal maintenance cost

Temperature control for highly reactive slaked lime
Research has shown that for any given quicklime source, slaking temperature control is the single most important factor influencing the reactivity of the final lime slurry. That’s why the VERTIMILL ® lime slaker is equipped with a temperature sensor located in the heart of the slaking reaction to provide immediate feedback for temperature control.

Every slaking application has an ‘optimal’ slaking temperature. Natural variations in quicklime feed rate, bulk density, and quality require the lime slaker to be responsive minute by minute to manage these changes.

A simple, safe, one-step operation
With no external moving parts the VERTIMILL ® lime slaker creates less opportunities for your personnel to be exposed to moving parts. Confined space liner changes? Not with a VERTIMILL ®. Magnetic rubber liners last far longer than conventional liners anyway due to the sacrificial layer of ball chips, and if they ever do need to be replaced the door can be opened for easy, safe, access.

Additional benefits include:

  • Finer grind – no requirement for hydrocyclones
  • Lower power and media consumption
  • Less floor space required
  • Easier to seal for dust & fume extraction
  • Can be operated down to 25% of full capacity
  • Manages slaking applications with high sulfates better than other technologies

STT has unparalleled experience at integrating the VERTIMILL® lime slaker into systems.