What type of valve do you recommend for a Slurry System?

The primary consideration when selecting a slurry valve is to anticipate eventual build-up due to settling or scale. Pinch valves are by far our preference because the flex of the valve will allow scale to break away if they are cycled regularly but in reality just about any full bore valve will work.

When selecting a valve for slurry service it is also important to distinguish between valves used for isolation or dosing. Pinch valves can work well in dosing applications particularly if it is allowed to pulse between fully open and fully closed when feeding slurry to process. If the valve needs to be fully modulating a V-port ball valve can work well but exotic materials such as ceramic may be appropriate to prevent wear.

The final thing to consider when selecting a valve is the properties if the water being used for flush. If there is potential for excursions, where hydrocarbons may be present for instance, most elastomers are not appropriate.