When To Involve Us

Let us help guide you through the complex options available to you
All we really need to know is what chemical you are handling and how much. We can work with you from there to choose the best possible equipment for your application and your customer.

Project early stage?
Bidding for a project or feasibility study? We can help with system descriptions, layout drawings, and budget pricing. But before we get started we’ll guide you through all of the decisions than need to be made to ensure your design is based on the ‘right’ system & components for your client!

Project underway – FEED?
At this stage it is important for you to be sure you are focusing on the best system for your client’s project. There can be meaningful differences in system design approach. We could focus on low capital cost to help get the project off the ground, or take the long view, and work towards a system with the lowest ‘life-cycle’ cost. We’ll help you understand what is available so you can help your client make the best choice for their project.

Detailed Design?
At this stage it is important to have confidence in the support you receive. Your client has rigorous specifications to be met, and the chosen vendor for the reagent system must be able to provide documentation with the correct information in a timely fashion. Our Engineers have developed three levels of Engineering Deliverables to suit the demands of your customer - just the basics, to fully customized. We’ll make sure you get the information you need to support your project requirements.